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About CLIPS TV series

CLIPS is a television series that previews movies without using a movie critic(on camera) or even a host. Nothing but clips from upcoming movies and interviews with the stars. The show was created and is written by Roger Tennis, Phoenix area movie critic/historian/consultant. Rog is also Vice-President and co-founder of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS, broadcast annually).

Echoing the nostalgic coming attraction bumpers of the 1950s with graphics that mirror a theatrical slide show, CLIPS (Cinema Lovers Information Program Series) brings home the total movie theater experience.

The series contains clips and featurettes of new theatrical releases with popular, related trivia for each film.

Catch our 1/2 hour TV show each month on your local station. CLIPS TV series is airing in AZ, CA, FL, KY, MD, ME, MN, ND, NY, NV, TN, VA, WI and WY. Check your local TV listings for the airing days and times in your state.

Our copyrighted, hostless format provides a service that allows for maximum movie moments (approximately 5 minutes each) so that viewers can decide for themselves if a movie is worth the price of admission. Having trouble seeing our show? Ask your local stations to air this innovative award-winning hostless show if you would like more of the movie and less chit-chat.

 Have your station e-mail us at this website address for a copy of the show to air in your area.

About Us

The TV series is created, written and produced by Roger, a movie critic and cinema expert from the Phoenix, AZ area and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Phoenix Film Critics Society. He has spent more than 30 years behind the camera in the broadcast industry. 

After many requests for Roger's opinion on the movies selected for CLIPS, he and wife Janet started the website to supplement the show.  Over the years it has expanded from just Rog's reviews of the movies to answering requests for forgotten titles; Rog's favorite DVDs; celeb photos, interviews and features and contest giveaways.

Partner and wife Janet is webmaster and also produces and edits CLIPS. They met and married while she was working at a rival TV station and they have three children.

Daughter Michelle Tennis has a degree in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.  She is currently the managing editor of two national trade magazines, sits on the advisory board for Paradise Valley Community College's Journalism Certificate Program and is one of our feature writers. Michelle also freelances for several other publications.

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