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     by Roger Tennis

MARY POPPINS 50th Anniversary Edition
Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack contest 

(ended June 27, 2014)

CLIPS TRIVIA QUESTION: What was Walt Disney's favorite song in "Mary Poppins"?

CORRECT ANSWER to ended contest: "Feed The Birds"

WINNERS: Terrence Agsalud, San Francisco, CA

Teresa Cornejo, Chicago, IL

 John Menzies, Chandler, AZ

SAVING MR. BANKS Blu-ray + Digital HD contest

(ended May 2, 2014)

CLIPS TRIVIA QUESTION: Emma Thompson portrayed a magical nanny in what 2005 fantasy film?

CORRECT ANSWER to ended contest: "Nanny McPhee" (also in the 2010 sequel)

WINNERS: David Hollingsworth, Fayetteville, NC

Christine Dionne, Cloverdale, OR

Brad Wernz, Baltimore, MD

Michael Grammer, South Bend, IN

Salvador Cornejo, Chicago, IL

THE JUNGLE BOOK Diamond Edition
Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack contest

(ended March 7, 2014)

CLIPS TRIVIA QUESTION: Shere Khan the Tiger was modeled after which actor, who also provided his voice?

CORRECT ANSWER to ended contest: George Sanders

WINNERS: Cindy Weghorst, Center Ills, OH

Andre Bautista, Fairfield, CA

Mark Williams, La Place, LA

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack contest

(ended January 24, 2014)

CLIPS TRIVIA QUESTION: Which fictitious crime fighter is the great nephew of the Lone Ranger (John Reid)?

CORRECT ANSWER to ended contest: The Green Hornet (Britt Reid)

WINNERS: Daniel Morrell, Weymouth, MA

Kirsten Kimball, Puyallup, WA

Christina Roose, Goldsboro, MD

Leon Durham, Greeley, CO

Wayne Yerby, Chester, VA

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