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CLIPS Movie Review by Roger Tennis

On CLIPS In May, 2011

AFRICAN CATS, the movieThe survival of two cat families in Africa provides the story in this Disneynature documentary.

TRIVIA: What 1955 Disney documentary depicted the King of Beasts in Africa?

cameracameracameracamera    (4 CAMS)        RATED G

A lioness, a female cheetah and a lion king struggle to survive on the harsh Kenyan Maasai Mara savanna. As a result of a serious fight injury, lioness Layla finds it difficult to care for her cub Mara, who's almost at the age to go out on her own. In another part of the savanna, Sita the adult cheetah tries to protect her newborn cubs from predators while having to hunt for food. Aging lion pride leader Fang, with a broken tooth from battle, has to protect his reign from fierce rival Kali. "African Cats" is simply fascinating and certainly the best Disney documentary since the classic True-Life Adventure series. Filmmakers Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey magnificently capture the circle of life with breathtaking cinematography. Samuel L. Jackson narrates this timeless tale of survival that's magically reminiscent of "The Lion King". Death is dealt with, but in a surprisingly bloodless, yet heartbreaking, way. This Disneynature production can proudly take its place alongside Walt's finest live-action documentary features. "African Cats" is purrfect family entertainment.