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by Roger Tennis

On CLIPS In April, 2011

James Marsden and Tim HillAlone in Hollywood, the Easter Bunny's son (voiced by Russell Brand) gets help from slacker Fred (James Marsden) in director Tim Hill's latest family feature.

TRIVIA: What 1999 Muppet movie was directed by Tim Hill?

cameracameracamera    (3 CAMS)        RATED PG

Slacker Fred O'Hare (James Marsden) accidentally injures E.B. (the voice of Russell Brand), the son and heir apparent of the current Easter Bunny (voiced by Hugh Laurie). Reluctantly together, both Fred and E.B. must learn to accept responsibility and grow up. "Hop" is a cute and fluffy animated/live-action film that kids and adults will find entertaining. With a plot that combines pieces from just about every Christmas fantasy movie, most notably "The Santa Clause", director Tim Hill ("Alvin And The Chipmunks") doesn't reveal anything really new or different. The setting is just moved to Easter where the entire cast, including voices, seems to be having fun with the material. The most memorable moments come in the animated world in a subplot that involves a chick named Carlos (hilariously voiced by Hank Azaria) and his henchman Phil (also Azaria) in their attempt to replace the Easter Bunny. In the real world, David Hasselhoff amusingly plays himself in a segment revolving around E.B. seeking fame with his musical talent. Right about now, theaters could use a holiday treat. "Hop" springs forth as eggcellent family fare.

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