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Nicholas Hoult


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When young farm boy Jack (Nicholas Hoult) receives magic beans in exchange for his horse, a resulting beanstalk reignites an ancient war between humans and a race of giants from above the clouds. Jack must face danger for his kingdom and the love of beautiful Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson). A roller coaster ride from beginning to end, "Jack the Giant Slayer" should easily please all thrill-seeking movie audiences. Director Bryan Singer ("X-Men") fills the screen with action, suspense and spectacular visual effects enhanced by the involving third dimension. A first-rate cast doesn't hurt. Direct from his stellar lead performance in "Warm Bodies", Nicholas Hoult repeats this feat - breathing heart and soul into the character of Jack. This rising star, remembered for his role opposite Hugh Grant in 2002's "About a Boy", gets plenty of help from the supporting players. Eleanor Tomlinson lights up the screen as the gorgeous and courageous princess. Ian McShane lends his regal presence as King Brahmwell and Ewan McGregor is the fearless knight Elmont. Adding a dash of comedy to evil, Stanley Tucci is delightfully brilliant as the villainous Roderick, who covets the throne at any cost. If the voice of the giant General Fallon sounds familiar, it's gifted actor Bill Nighy. While there's no graphic gore, fantasy violence and some frightening monster images may scare young children. A refreshing twist on the classic tale, "Jack the Giant Slayer" is a gigantic killer adventure.