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On CLIPS In January, 2011

TRON: LEGACYSam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is reunited with his father (Jeff Bridges) inside a hostile digital world in this sequel to "TRON".

TRIVIA: Which two actors have roles in both "TRON" and "TRON: Legacy"?

cameracameracamera    (3 CAMS)        RATED PG

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of computer genius Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), gets pulled into the virtual world where his father has been living for the past 20 years. The reunited father and son must seek a way out of this dangerous cyber universe. Like the original "TRON", "TRON: Legacy" is a visually-stunning, fast-paced amusement ride. Unlike the original, there is nothing innovative or fresh in the concept and the added 3D process mostly comes up flat. The 2D version works just fine. Garrett Hedlund admirably handles the stalwart lead role while Jeff Bridges plays both the older Kevin and his evil younger digital clone Clu. Olivia Wilde adds a touch of beauty as Quorra, Kevin's warrior confidant. The supporting cast includes Michael Sheen and Bruce Boxleitner. Director Joseph Kosinski fills the screen with Lightcycle chases and action-packed confrontations - advancing the plot only when necessary. This predictable fun adventure is being hyped as bigger and better with the addition of depth, yet it feels like more of the same. "TRON: Legacy" may not "cash in the chips" for the series, but it appears to be virtually identical to the original.