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CLIPS Movie Review by Roger Tennis

On CLIPS In December, 2011

ARTHUR CHRISTMASSanta's youngest son Arthur (the voice of James McAvoy) has to complete an urgent mission before Christmas morning in this animated holiday tale.

TRIVIA: James McAvoy was also the voice of a title character in which other 2011 animated feature?

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When Santa Claus (the voice of Jim Broadbent) misses delivering a present to young Gwen (Ramona Marquez) on Christmas Eve, his youngest son Arthur (James McAvoy) decides to deliver the gift before Christmas morning. Without the help of his father and older brother Steve (Hugh Laurie), who commands the high-tech North Pole control center, Arthur gets Grandsanta (Bill Nighy) and the outdated sleigh and reindeer to aid him in completing the mission. "Arthur Christmas" is a joyful animated yuletide romp that's sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. Aimed directly at the kids, there is very little humor for the grownups. This is surprising since Aardman Animations is also responsible for the more adult Wallace & Gromit adventures and "Chicken Run". Director and co-writer Sarah Smith keeps the action at a brisk pace with plenty of sight gags. The antics of the elves conjure up images of "Prep & Landing" and that's not a bad thing. But the addition of mediocre 3D effects fails to enhance the colorful cartoon. There is an upbeat and positive message with a happy ending for the entire family. For fans of Justin Bieber, a music video of the superstar singing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is included before the movie. "Arthur Christmas" manages to deliver some holiday cheer.