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CLIPS Movie Review by Roger Tennis

On CLIPS In November, 2011

Rowan AtkinsonBumbling secret agent Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) returns to prevent the assassination of a world leader.

TRIVIA: Rowan Atkinson had a role in which 1983 James Bond movie starring Sean Connery?

cameracameracamera       (3 CAMS)        RATED PG

Having vanished to a remote region of Asia to finely hone his skills, inept secret agent Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is brought back by MI7 to stop the assassination of a world leader. Reporting to MI7 head Pegasus (Gillian Anderson), English must confront the evil organization Vortex. Help comes in the form of sidekick Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya), MI7's behavioral psychologist Kate Summers (Rosamund Pike) and maybe even debonair agent Simon Ambrose (Dominic West). "Johnny English Reborn" is an enjoyable spy spoof with more than its share of laughs. An obvious showcase for the slapstick and deadpan humor of Atkinson, the comic genius doesn't disappoint. This is the closest anyone has come to matching the brilliant Peter Sellers' work as Inspector Clouseau. While nothing new is added to this genre, director Oliver Parker provides a brisk pace with the proper amount of silliness. The entire cast is good, but the spotlight belongs to the star. One noteworthy inclusion is the closing credit Bond-style theme song "I Believe In You" by singer Rumer. With a nod to Mr. Bean, "Johnny English Reborn" delivers comedy in any language.